This dog was draging its legs and begs around the enormous city. No one knows where Suzy comes from, only that she can only crawl on the streets.

Her life changed till she met the rescuers. They fed her and took her to the vet. She was still worried that they may hurt her.

The doctor said “she had long since damaged her spine from crawling too long, which created an exposed wound. The wound would be tough to heal, but the saddest thing was that she had no opportunity to walk anymore, but I still prayed for a miracle to happen.”

Exercising helps shape her spine, but she didn’t dare look at people. The story captures the resilience of the black dog.

At first, the dog could only drag its legs out of despair. Yet love worked miracles in her and she woke up little by little Each day was a different day for her. She stood longer and was happier every day.

The dream came true. It will fully show itself in a year or two. Like any puppy, she will happily run on the yard.

“Suzy is healthy and happy every day, we believe that soon he will be able to run like other dogs in happiness.”