Dumped in the woods, this poor, forlorn dog was just lying on the ground ready to depart. Rescuers in Romania discovered the Caucasian shepherd barely in time, as he was about to die.

In the video, Jayne of 1 Dog At A Time Rescue UK says, “He had nothing in him, he was lying unmoving on the forest floor.” “He’d given up and lacked the strength to accomplish anything.”

“Keanu” ate and drank where he slept for the first week. He lacked the energy to do anything else. Keanu’s spirit gradually returned, and after a few weeks, he began to walk.

Suddenly he began to play. Everyone at the rescue who met him fell in love with him. “He’s such a gentle soul,” Jayne says. He’s a pretty unique dog. He’s one in a million.” So it’s no surprise that this gentle giant found the ideal home with a family in the United Kingdom

It’s difficult to believe he was so tiny and feeble when he was rescued, given how confident and strong he is now. Yet two years after being rescued from the ground, Keanu is roaming free and happy, and he has the love of a lovely family.

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