James Wathen, 73, is a terminally ill patient at Baptist Health Corbin in Corbin, Kentucky. Due to his poor physical state and limited mental function, Wathen’s health could not be improved. The nurses went out of their way to reconnect Wathen with his one-eyed Chihuahua, Bubba. James Wathen, 73, was in serious condition and on the edge of death when his pet dog Bubba paid him a visit.



Deanna Myers, director of Knox Whitley Animal Shelter, stated on Facebook that when Bubba was introduced to James, the youngster began to weep. Following that, Bubba consoled James. It assists you in understanding that animals are more than just pets. They, too, are loved ones.

After Wathen was admitted to the hospital, the nurses tracked Bubba down to the Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter, where they discovered the dog had been placed in a foster home. Bubba has shown comparable indications of mental suffering after his owner abandoned him. Wathen and Bubba were reunited on October 11, a Saturday, thanks to the nurses. As he caressed and played with his dog, Wathen got more joyful and nostalgic.



When Bubba was handed over to James, he began to weep. Bubba then began to embrace James. Deanna Myers, director of Knox Whitley Animal Shelter, stated in a Facebook post, “It makes you understand that animals are not just pets, but loved ones.” After touching and playing with his dog, Wathen felt better.



Wathen seemed to have totally healed throughout his stay. The patient looked to have made a significant improvement the next day. According to the nurses, he was eating and sitting up for the first time. Because of Bubba’s advantages to Hathen, Baptist Health Corbin is doing all in its power to ensure that Hathen sees his beloved pet on a daily basis.





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